Volunteer Advice

In order for everything to run smoothly when you are helping a resident, please make sure you consider the following guidelines:

Please ensure you wash your hands before and after helping any fellow resident!
First Contact
  • You will know the request, the area and the name of the resident but maybe nothing more – and they won’t know anything about you!
  • Introduce yourself, and let them know you’ve been assigned their request through the Mutual Aid help group.
  • Make sure you find out all the necessary details before setting out on any errands. It might be difficult to find out once you’re out.
  • Make arrangements for handing over items such as groceries or medication while maintaining social distancing (e.g. offer to ring the doorbell or knock, place the items near the door, step back 6 feet and wait for them to answer).
  • You should not enter the requestershome even with PPE, as this is a safeguarding risk. If somebody says they will need you to come in to unpack their shopping or help with any other household task, inform the Volunteer Coordination team.
  • Arrange how you will handle payment, if picking up shopping or prescriptions if they are paid for. More below…

Please have a look at the section below on perscription collection and follow the link about shopping


  • Check if they receive free prescriptions & the reason why – you will need to sign for this.
  • If they don’t receive free prescriptions you will need to organise money exchange.
  • Ask them to call the pharmacy before you intend to go to let the pharmacy know you will be picking up their prescription.

Handling money for perscriptions

You should take a photo of the receipt.

Electronic transfer – Where possible payments should be made by bank transfer or paypal to minimise the risk of passing on the virus.

Cash – If that’s not possible to pay with either paypal or bank transfer and have to use cash please ask the resident to put the cash in a plastic bag preferably a zip lock bag and disinfect the money using warm soapy water. (Don’t forget to dispose of the bag)

On-Going Help

In most cases each request for help is a single errand. However a number of our volunteers do provide on-going help to a particular resident. If you are happy to continue to help a particular Warwick/Leamington neighbour, please just let your volunteer coordinator know, and only do so if you are 100% happy to. If a resident asks how to get help the next time please ask them to contact the main Mutual Aid phone number 01926 674065 or through the website. If for any reason you can’t continue to support a resident, please ask the resident to get back in touch with the mutual aid group or contact your area coordinator.

Our Phone Pals tam make social calls to people who may be feeling isolated or a little lonely. If you think that a resident you are helping would benefit from this, please pass on the 01926 674065 phone number or pass onto your co-ordinator.

Additional Guidance for Helping an Immunocompromised Neighbour:

In this case we refer to the Queercare Network’s guidelines available here.

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